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Locate information on how to start a small business.

Business Portal at the Eagle Commons Library


We've moved!  Several of the links listed below will not work yet.  We'll try to get that corrected ASAP.


Business Reference

  • Location: UNT Libraries' Government Documents Department, Eagle Commons Library.
  • Some electronic resources are UNT Libraries' subscriptions.
  • UNT students and faculty members can access these resources off-campus by using the EUID and UNT password.
  • If you are not a UNT student or faculty member, you can access these resources by using a guest login on any computer inside the UNT Libraries.




Congressional Research Service Reports via the UNT Digital Library

The UNT Digital Library has a collection of CRS Reports with nearly 20,000 items.

The CRS Reports URL is:

The CRS Reports are available freely to the public, and we are constantly making new additions to this collection.

Subjects include agriculture, budgets, business, communications, consumers, defense economics, economic policy, emergency management, energy, finance, hazardous substances, infrastructure, intellectual property, international finance, job training, labor, law, pensions, public contracts, rural affairs, science policy, space activities, taxation, technology, telecommunication, trade, transportation, and more.

Libraries E-Resources on the "ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST"

The following is part of a memo from the Libraries' Collection Management Department.

It concerns a list of items that need to be promoted due to low use or high cost.

Collection Management calls this list the Endangered Species list.

"By adding something to the Endangered Species list, we are alerting you so you can take the following actions."

  • Encourage students and faculty to use these resources.
  • Discuss with your faculty members how they support the curriculum.
  • Add links to your research guides.
  • Teach students and faculty to share UNT Library links to journal articles instead of sending pdf's so that the resource's usage is recorded and counted by the library.

"At this time, we’re allowing a 2 -3 year timeline for use to improve. That gives us plenty of time to see the impact of your efforts on the use stats, and for you to provide us with feedback."

"Remember, we really do want to keep all of these resources! Please help us keep them by boosting our usage."

The Endangered Species list includes:


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